Slahal or Lahal Game (No bones)

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Slahal or Lahal Game (Has 11 sticks No bones)
Carver: H Joe
Duncan BC
Dimensions: 9"x24"x7"

Slahal or Lahal is a gambling game played by the Native Americans. The game has other names including Bonegame, Stickgame among several others.
The game is played by two opposing teams. There are two pairs of "bones", one pair with a stripe and one without. The game also uses a set of scoring sticks and in some areas a "kick" or "king" stick—an extra stick won by the team who gets to start the game.
The objective of the game is to gain the stick or bones by the opposing team guessing which hand the bone is in. During the game singing and drumming is used to encourage or distract the active players.

ThunderBird: This great bird, living high in the mountains is one of the most powerful of all the spirits, the personification of Chief and protector of people. The flapping of wings was thought to be the sound of thunder, and lightning flashed from his eyes. He is distinguished from eagle by the curled 'ears' or feather tufts on the top of his head. These are believed by some to be power symbols.

Frog: Frog, because of its ability to live in both the water and on land, is associated with communication, and the transference of knowledge and power. It is recognizable by a large mouth, thick lips, and no teeth.

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