Aboriginal 4' Totem Carving

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Large 4' Native Totem Carving

Artist: Unknown

Location: Central Interior


Sisiutl: Sisiutl is a two headed sea serpent, and is often used as a symbol of protection. This supernatural being could transform itself into many things including a self-moving canoe, which the owner would feed with seals. Sisiutl is always portrayed with a face in the center of its body the two ends of the snake extending out from the sides of the face or curling around to form a circle. The profile heads on each And have a curled horn like appendages, teeth and long tongue.

Bear: The Bear is a great hunter and symbolizes strength and power. Always treated as a high-ranking guest by many of the cultural groups on the coast, it is also known by for its human-like qualities. The characteristics of the bear that are symbolized in Northwest Coast are a short blunt nose with conspicuous teeth, a protruding tongue, small upright ears and claw-like fore and hind paws.

Salmon: "The Giver of Life." Salmon is an important food source for the people of the Northwest Coast and accordingly always treated with great respect, and is often the crest figure for twins. Salmon is depicted with no teeth, but often with the hooked upper jaw associated with spawning salmon.

Human Faces

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