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Seeking unique items for yourself or as a gift? Purple Pigeon Treasures, a local Ladysmith BC store, handpicks most of its distinctive products within a 35 km radius of town. Established by April in March 2016 next to Chopstix Salon, then in 2018, we spread our wings to a larger location beside the Old Town Bakery, offering an even greater space to showcase our ever-growing selection. Keep an eye out for the ongoing stream of new and exciting finds in the Nest!




April, a housewife grappling with health challenges, found respite in the world of craft fairs and flea markets. Yet, as the early mornings grew burdensome, she longed for a new venture. One day, wandering through downtown Ladysmith, April's gaze fell upon a vacant charming shop with a quaint courtyard. In that moment, a spark ignited within her.

After careful consideration, April made the bold decision to rent the space, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey. With a passion for unique finds and a heartwarming memory of a neighbor's injured pigeon nursed back to health, April knew exactly what to name her shop. Drawing inspiration from the iridescent purple chests of the pigeons that frequented her neighbor's yard, she christened her new endeavor "Purple Pigeon Treasures."

The little shop became a sanctuary for April, brimming with an eclectic array of treasures curated with care. However, when the need for expansion arose due to a neighboring business, April feared her adventure had reached its end. Yet, fortune smiled upon her as a perfect space downtown became available, as if destiny had intervened to ensure her dream endured.

Now, over a decade later, April and her son, Andrew, form a dynamic team at Purple Pigeon Treasures. While April scours the mornings for hidden gems and treasures, Andrew dedicates his afternoons to expanding the shop's online presence. Together, they have turned their dream of a unique treasure shop in downtown Ladysmith into a thriving reality, proving that with determination and a touch of serendipity, anything is possible.


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At Purple Pigeon Treasures, we take pride in fostering our local economy by spotlighting the incredible talent within our community. Our commitment to promoting local artisans and creators is reflected in the carefully curated treasures that adorn our shelves. Located in Ladysmith, BC, our quest for distinctive items primarily spans a 35-kilometer radius around Ladysmith. However, it extends to include Vancouver Island, surrounding islands, and even stretches out to the mainland. Our emphasis on the local area goes beyond geography; we strive to showcase the most exceptional treasures that capture the essence of our vibrant community. From handcrafted artwork to locally sourced goods, each item tells a story of craftsmanship, dedication, and the rich tapestry of our surroundings.

In our constant quest for innovative and captivating products, we wholeheartedly invite collaborations with local producers, creators, artists and individuals possessing unique, antique, or vintage items. If you have a unique product that you believe would resonate with our customers, we invite you to join the Purple Pigeon family. Whether your creations are within our immediate vicinity or a bit farther afield on Vancouver Island, surrounding islands, or in some cases even the mainland, we're open to discovering and featuring what makes your offerings stand out.

For those with a passion for crafting or producing exceptional items, we offer the opportunity to showcase your creations in our shop. Whether through a consignment arrangement or wholesale purchase, we are flexible in our approach to ensure that your products find a welcoming home at Purple Pigeon Treasures.

Our dedication to supporting local talent extends beyond mere commerce – it's about building a community that values creativity, sustainability, and the unique stories behind each treasure. Join us in our mission to celebrate the richness of our local economy and the diverse talents that make it thrive. If you're ready to share your creations with a broader audience, don't hesitate to reach out – let's work together to bring your products to Purple Pigeon Treasures.













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