Vintage Goldenrod Copper Oile Can

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The Goldenrod oil can, particularly the copper versions, is a sought-after vintage item among collectors. Goldenrod, a brand known for its high-quality lubrication equipment, produced these copper oil cans in the mid-20th century. The copper construction not only added an aesthetic appeal but also provided durability.

Goldenrod copper oil cans often featured a classic design with a long spout for precise oil application. The brand was recognized for its commitment to craftsmanship, and these cans were commonly used for lubricating machinery and various mechanical components.

Collectors appreciate Goldenrod copper oil cans not only for their functionality but also as artifacts that represent a bygone era of quality manufacturing. If you have one, its value may depend on factors like condition, rarity, and any unique features associated with the specific model or era it represents.

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Dimensions: 12"x 5"x 3"
Weight: 302g
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