Evening Catch by Roberta Memogana

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Artist: Roberta Memogana

About the Artist: Roberta Memogana is one of the newer artists to learn the craft of drawing and printmaking at Holman. She watched her father, Jimmy Memorana, make drawings when she was a child and would sometimes give her bits of paper to work on. She began drawing seriously in 1981, and started working at the Art Shop as a printmaker in the mid-1990s. Encouraged by her sister, Mary K. Okheena, she began to learn the stencil process. In 1997, she printed one of her own drawings, Igloo of Life, and a drawing by her father, Stalking a Seal. She has printed three more of her own drawings since then. Memogana has attended art workshops in Inuvik and Ottawa, and continues to develop her skills.

Dimensions: 13”x26”1”
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