Aboriginal Eagle Rattle

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Made by Sam Shaughnessy
Sam is from the Nimpkish Tribe in the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation. He was born in Alert Bay in 1965 and comes from a family of talented artists. Taught the art form from family member Vincent Shaughnessy, Sam has been creating traditional style masks, plaques and totems since the mid 1980’s. He uses red cedar to carve with, usually carving his family crests - Raven and Wolf.

Eagle: Eagle can be a symbol of power. Eagle belongs to the supernatural world and is next in line to Thunderbird. The down from the eagle is a symbol of peace and would be sprinkled before guests in welcome dances. Eagle feathers are used in ritual and as decoration for masks and other carvings. Eagle's beak is shorter than Raven's and has a downward curve. Often the tongue is evident.

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