Pyrene Fire Extinguisher 1.25 Quarts (Full)

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Label reads:
Pyrene Fire Extinguishers
Underwater’ Laboratories of Canada Inspected
1.25 Imperial (1 1/2 U.S.) Quarts
Class B2.C-2 NO. A-454370

Made in Canada
Pyrene Fire Extinguisher
REGD Trade Mark

Original Contents not less than 25% Carbontetrachloride
To operate turn handle to left work like a pump
Direct Stream at piece of flame for burning liquids direct stream against side of container above the surface of a liquid
Warning extinguish fire promptly avoid exposure to smoke and fumes
After using a lock handle and refill immediately shake extinguisher to remove liquid in discharge to use only Pyrene fire extinguishing liquid after or other substitutes will damage extinguisher and render use on electrical fires dangerous. Extinguisher must be tested annually

Pyrene manufacturing company of Canada Limited Toronto

Dimensions: 3.5”x18”3.5”
Weight: 3.035kg

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